Temps Dip to the 30's; Perfect Weather

Good afternoon folks! The worst is behind us and gorgeous fall weather is beginning to unfold across the region, with no rain in sight for the next five to seven days! We picked up on average 1 - 2" across most of SW NC Wednesday into late Thursday night, with the highest amounts focused across the southern portion of the Great Balsams (3 - 4"). Cullowhee Creek in particular was a standout with 3.76" and Highlands continued its climb up the rankings, adding 3" to what is setting up to be a possible top five finish this year.

Back to the forecast. Temps will be on the chilly side of normal this weekend and will slowly moderate to normal levels by the end of next week but even the mid 70's are pleasant. Some passing clouds on Saturday make up the action this weekend and temps are likely to dip into the 30's above 5000', with the color season just about to get underway. Other than that its smooth sailing Monday through Thursday with sunny skies, clear nights, low dewpoints, and near perfect temps.

Saturday and Sunday hold temps to the mid 50's across the higher elevations above 5000' each afternoon, while the valleys warm to the upper 60's. Overnight lows will be the biggest shock to the system as they plummet into the mid 40's Saturday night and low 40's Sunday night for the valleys, bottoming out to the upper 30's Sunday night above 4500'. Passing clouds and sunshine play out overhead on Saturday and most of the night Saturday night, but after that we expect only sunny and clear skies Sunday into early next week.

The only thing to mention for next week is how temps will go from the low 70's on Monday to the mid 70's by Thursday for the valleys, all under sunny skies each afternoon. Overnight lows will continue to be cold through Monday night, settling into the mid 30's above 5000 and low 40's across the lower elevations but they'll eventually level back out to the mid - upper 40's by the end of next week.

We'll hold off on any updates till Monday, seeing how there is little to talk about and a lot to enjoy. Get out and enjoy this fall weather!

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