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Sunny through Tuesday; Low - Mid 80's

Good morning folks! The sun has returned for most of the region, however Haywood County in particular is being stubborn with mostly cloudy skies still overhead as of 11am; this will soon give way to full sunshine. Sunny skies return today and linger through a portion of Wednesday, with our next chance for rain returning Thursday into Friday. Speaking of rain, we picked up 0.55 - 1.61" yesterday across the region, with Hogback in southern Jackson taking home the top spot at 1.61". High clouds are likely to develop on Wednesday, however mostly sunny skies will continue for Monday and Tuesday. Temps warm up nicely Sunday through Wednesday, hitting the upper 60's - low 70's today (Sunday) and climbing to the low - mid 80's on Tuesday! Upper 70's - low 80's are in play for Wednesday and Thursday and temps cool down Friday into next weekend, settling somewhere in the mid - upper 60's across the valleys. If you need to escape the heat this week, simply hit the Parkway or your favorite hike above 5500' where temps will be in the mid - upper 60's Monday through Wednesday. There is slight chance for patchy frost above 4000' tonight and looking past this minor chance, we do not expect temps to dip in 30's Monday night through Friday night.

We'll kick off the timeline on Monday and temps will start out in the mid 30's - low 40's across the region, with patchy frost a possibility above 4000'. Sunshine rules the day and temps warm to the mid 60's - upper 70's across the region, with several towns hitting the 80°F mark. Temps settle into the mid 40's - low 50's under mostly clear skies.

Tuesday hits the repeat button and the only difference will be temps pushing into the low - mid 80's across the valleys, with all of SW NC under sunny skies. We'll notice a slight uptick in moisture levels after midday as flow becomes southerly, with a few clouds possible just before or after sunset. Partly cloudy skies develop Tuesday night and temps dip into the upper 40's - mid 50's depending upon elevation.

Wednesday brings us a steady increase of high, thin clouds and temps will be capped slightly to the mid 60's - low 80's depending upon elevation, feeling slightly cooler than Monday or Tuesday as we lose sunshine over the course of the day. Mostly cloudy skies settle in Wednesday night and isolated showers are possible after midnight; lows settle into the upper 40's - upper 50's across the region.

This far out in time you should take this timeline with a grain of salt, but it seems our next round of rain moves in Thursday, peaking overnight into Friday and winding down on Friday. Temps will continue to be above normal Thursday due to southerly flow, hitting the upper 70's and this will change on Friday, dropping to the mid - upper 60's.

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