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Soggy Saturday; Low 80's Next Week!

Good afternoon folks! Fell behind today in getting the discussion out, but not much has changed since our last post on Wednesday. We still expect rain across all of SW NC tomorrow and the timeline has shifted slightly, with totals now in the 0.75 - 1.75" range as opposed to 2.5" previously mentioned, but we'll take whatever we can get at this point (celebrate pollen sufferers). Temps will be slightly cooler tomorrow in Haywood County compared to the more southwestern counties such as Cherokee, Clay, and Graham counties as a weak damming setup influences the region from the northeast. An interesting note to make is that flurries are likely early Sunday morning for the highest ridgelines (5800' +) closer to the TN line, no accumulations expected. Sunshine returns Sunday, likely starting out the day with full sunshine and temps will rebound nicely, hitting the low 70's across the valleys. Temps push even further on Monday and Tuesday under more sunshine, peaking to the low - mid 80's on Tuesday! Wednesday will start out sunny and end the day with clouds building ahead of our next rain maker which could develop as early as Wednesday night, possibly not starting till later in the morning on Thursday. Our only threat for frost at this point is Sunday night above 4000' as temps dip into the mid - upper 30's, but for the valleys, we are in the clear tonight through at least Thursday night of next week.

Saturday starts the day with light - moderate showers peppering the region and widespread coverage will occur in waves, with scattered coverage a minimum from sunrise through the mid afternoon hours. Coverage wanes considerably as we near sunset and most of SW NC will begin to dry out as soon as the late evening hours. Temps warm to the mid - upper 60's across the lower elevations of Cherokee, Graham, and Clay counties, while they struggle to reach the 60°F in central Haywood County. All of SW NC will pick up 0.75" of rain and higher amounts are likely across the Unicoi, Snowbird, and Cowee mountains, as well as the escarpment, with 1.5" possible by the late evening hours. Temps overnight settle into the mid 30's above 6000', while the valleys hold to the mid 40's and clouds gradually clear out for the majority of the region, with a few clouds and flurries holding strong along the TN line till the pre dawn hours.

Sunday through Tuesday will be sunny and warm as temps reach the low 70's Sunday across the valleys, climbing to the low - mid 80's by Tuesday afternoon. Although Sunday will be sunny, it will be windy as westerly winds hold steady around 10 - 20mph till the late evening hours. Overnight lows settle into the mid 30's - low 40's Sunday night under clear skies and temps gradually warm to the low - upper 40's Monday night, mid 40's - low 50's Tuesday night.

Clouds build on Wednesday and rain follows later that night, with a good chance for regionwide rainfall on Thursday; temps hold to the upper 70's - low 80's both days.

We'll stop here and circle back Sunday morning with a better look at the warm week ahead.

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