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Mixed Bag Sunday; Sunny Mon - Fri

Good morning folks! We continue to benefit from daily rainfall and today (Saturday) will be similar, although shower coverage will be a touch lower than Thursday or Friday. A front is making its way into the region from the north today and we'll wake up on Sunday with a steady easterly flow across the region, followed by a second frontal passage overnight into Monday morning . Shower coverage on Sunday will be isolated and several hours of sunshine will join in on the fun, followed by showers developing closer to sunrise on Monday as the front approaches. After the front clears the region early Monday morning, clouds and shower chances will drop to near zero and full sunshine is expected for the second half of the day. Sunny skies will dominate the landscape Monday afternoon through Thursday or Friday, with a return to pop up showers next weekend. Temps will be pleasant during the work week, considering we'll be under full sunshine each day, as they warm to the low - mid 80's each afternoon across the lower elevations. If the 80's are not your bag then head on up to the higher elevations above 5000' where temps will struggle to push past the upper 60's each afternoon!

Muggy conditions will continue today (Saturday) and as the front moves into the region later this afternoon, we expect scattered showers to pop up across the region. Sunshine will poke through the broken cloud cover as the day moves along, helping temps warm to the low - mid 80's across the valleys. Shower coverage wanes tonight and temps settle into the mid 50's - low 60's depending upon elevation; under partly cloudy skies.

Sunday rounds out the weekend with more sunshine than cloud cover and temps warming to the mid - upper 80's, alongside isolated pop up showers and thunderstorms after midday. A second front approaches the region from the northwest closer to sunset, not crossing the region till a few hours after sunrise on Monday. This will help develop scattered light - moderate showers after midnight and temps will hold to the upper 50's - mid 60's across the region.

Lingering showers may start the day on Monday but coverage will quickly drop to near zero by the mid morning hours and sunshine is expected to be overhead by noon or the early afternoon hours. Temps will push to the upper 60's - low 80's depending upon elevation, with a steady NW breeze throughout the day. We will also notice a drop in moisture levels, leveling out to comfortable levels that may prompt many of us to keep the windows open 24/7.

Past Monday morning the weather will be boring but that is ok as we all could use a break from daily showers and above average moisture levels. Tuesday into Friday will be sunny and temps warm to the low - mid 80's each afternoon across the lower elevations, settling into the low - upper 50's each night under mostly clear skies.

We'll stop here and circle back on Monday. ENJOY!

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