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Dry Thur - Wed; Low 90's Next Week!

Good afternoon folks! Simply put, the next 5 - 8 days will be dry and hot, with the hottest temps of the season arriving by Sunday, peaking early next week. Although rain chances technically exist during this time frame, coverage will be extremely isolated and intensities light - moderate at best, benefiting only those who will be camping along our highest ridgelines. If you are tending an early season garden or farm, then carve out some extra time each day for watering beginning tomorrow (Thursday), as we lose some of the cloud cover and enter a period of mostly sunny skies.

Thursday through the middle of next week features little to no rain chances for SW NC, with our only shot for rain occurring along or near the TN line in the Smokies, Cataloochee Divide, Great Balsams and perhaps the Unicoi Mountains. The chance for rain is really a technicality as we only expect an isolated shower or two each afternoon in these locations and short lived at that, so no need to cancel any plans you have for these locations.

Elsewhere across SW NC, mostly sunny skies will dominate the landscape with a chance for a few clouds on Friday and Saturday, but nothing more than a welcomed period of shade as temps warm with each passing day. Temps start out in the low - mid 80's on Thursday across our deeper valleys; warmer the closer you are to the N GA line and cooler as you reach central Haywood County. By Friday we hit the mid - upper 80's and we'll hit the repeat button on Saturday, pushing even further to the upper 80's - (possibly) low 90's on Sunday!!! If you need to escape the heat, then head on up to 5500' or higher as temps only manage to peak to the upper 60's - mid 70's Thursday into Wednesday of next week. The possibility of hitting 90°F on Sunday is the first of the season for SW NC and it doesn't end there, with the likelihood increasing as we enter early next week; a forecast high of 90 - 92°F seems like a good bet for Tuesday! Overnight lows settle into the upper 40's - mid 50's Thursday night (colder in the valleys due to radiational cooling) and gradually warm to the mid 50's - low 60's each night by early next week; one silver lining with this dry air is that we can cool down quickly each night.

Beyond the above average temps and dry spell coming our way, the weather remains a touch boring but we'll circle back on Friday nonetheless to go over any changes. ENJOY!

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