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A Dose of Winter Sunday; Much Warmer Monday

Most of the region picked up a quarter inch of rain from Friday PM - Sat midday and we'll experience a small window of dry weather Saturday afternoon before more precip arrives later tonight. Sunday will be a dreary day with temps in the low - upper 40's across most of the region, however the highest elevations above 5500' will remain near freezing with a light accumulation of wet snow late Sunday into Monday morning. But this short lived round of uninspiring weather quickly gives way to spring like weather as we start a new work and school week. Temps soar to the 60's Monday, peaking later in the week as near 70°F Thursday and Friday, all under sunny skies.

Lower Elevations 1800' - 3000' ​

We'll manage to reach the mid 50's today under passing clouds this afternoon but rain returns to the region Saturday night and spills over into Sunday, not letting up till the early - mid afternoon hours. Roughly a half inch of rain will fall across the valleys, however some locations closer to the GA and SC borders will pick up an inch. Sunday will be dreary with temps in the 40's and overnight lows in the upper 20's, but spring weather returns Monday with sunny skies and temps in the low - mid 60's. Fair weather stretches all the way into Friday, with temps gradually warming to the upper 60's - low 70's. Overnight lows generally stay in the low - upper 30's each night.

Higher Elevations 3000 - 5000'

Not much a difference from the lower elevations this weekend through next week, with temps marking the only notable difference as they sit in the upper 30's Sunday, warming to the mid 50's - low 60's over the course of the work and school week. Those who live around 5000' will experience token flakes Sunday night and they could extend down to 3500 - 4000', but they will be mixing in with rain at these elevations.

Ridgelines + Plateau ​

The Plateau will pick up 1 - 1.5" Saturday night into Sunday evening while the rest of SW NC picks up 0.50 - 0.75" of rain. Temps hold to the upper 30's - low 40's Sunday, warming to the 50's Monday and 60's by Thursday for those who live along the Plateau. Our ridgelines above 5800' will pick up accumulating snow Sunday night, with an inch likely by sunrise on Monday. Temps hold to the 30's above 5500' Sunday, warming to the mid - upper 40's Monday and 50's by Thursday.

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