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Sunny through Tuesday; Showers Wed

Good afternoon folks! The weather this weekend has been gorgeous and we'll continue to enjoy low dewpoints on Labor Day, with moisture making a slow return Tuesday into Wednesday. Dry weather will continue through Tuesday and the models point to shower activity returning to the region Wednesday. Temps will be right around normal for Labor Day and Tuesday, cooling down a degree or two Wednesday through Friday, but only because of the cloud cover that accompanies showers each afternoon. One notable mention regarding temps is this morning's low at Mt LeConte, which dipped down to 37°F! Give it a few more weeks and the leaves will begin to turn color along the highest ridgelines, peaking sometime early - mid October above 5000'.

Labor Day keeps sunny skies overhead and dewpoints in the 60's, resulting in a very pleasant day across the landscape, with temps warming to the low 80's across the lower elevations. The highest ridgelines will reach the upper 60's - low 70's depending upon elevation, dipping down to the low - mid 50's Monday night, while the valleys settle into the mid - upper 50's, all under mostly clear skies.

Tuesday looks to be a repeat of Monday, with a slight twist as moisture begins to creep into the region closer to sunset, perhaps enough to allow partly cloudy skies close out the day. Temps once again warm to the upper 60's - low 80's depending upon elevation and settle into the mid 50's - low 60's overnight under partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday brings us our first chance for rain in four days and coverage doesn't look that impressive on the modes, only growing to scattered coverage by the mid afternoon hours. Temps warm to the low 70's - low 80's depending upon elevation, but it will feel much warmer than Monday or Tuesday due to increasing moisture levels. The models are not very consistent past Wednesday and because of this low confidence we'll stick with a repeat of Wednesday's weather for Thursday, circling back on Tuesday with a more detailed breakdown for the latter part of the work and school week.

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