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Muggy with Daily Showers

Good afternoon folks! Our previous forecast of a mostly sunny day for Monday with a few thunderstorms isn't panning out too well as we deal with mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers this afternoon. The overall pattern is holding up as expected for the rest of the week with an uptick in afternoon showers and increasing cloud cover with each passing day, helping to bring temps down a few degrees below normal by the end of the work week. Tuesday and Wednesday feature scattered thunderstorms after midday, some of which will be heavy downpours and coverage is likely to extend into the late evening hours. Shower coverage increases slightly for Thursday and Friday, with mostly cloudy skies overhead by early afternoon hours, holding temps to the low 80's each day. The weekend's forecast is not set in stone but it seems we'll see a continuation of the weather we experience on Friday.

Tuesday will feature more sunshine than Wednesday and both days should see mostly sunny skies giving way to partly - mostly cloudy skies after the early afternoon hours, capping afternoon highs to the low 70's - mid 80's depending upon elevation. Muggy conditions will persist throughout the week, setting the stage for heavy downpours each afternoon from just a handful of thunderstorms, while scattered showers make up the rest of the action. Overnight lows will settle into the low - mid 60's each night with showers extending well into the evening hours, but eventually fizzling out before midnight.

Thursday and Friday offer up much of the same, with a slight increase in shower coverage and cloud cover, capping temps to the low 70's - low 80's depending upon elevation. Thursday night in particular could see shower activity extend into the pre dawn hours, but for the most part shower development will be tied to the diurnal heating of the day.

We'll stop here and circle back on Wednesday with a look at the upcoming weekend.

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