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Showers Friday; A Bit Calmer this Wknd

Good afternoon folks! With Thursday almost almost over we'll focus the discussion starting Friday and ending Tuesday, with a lower confidence in the forecast beginning Monday due to (currently) Tropical Storm Isaias' impact on the Carolinas. The forecast remains roughly the same from our previous discussion on Tuesday, with Friday featuring an active afternoon with showers, scaling back slightly in coverage for the weekend. Early next week's forecast depends on Isaias' eventual path, possibly bringing us an increase in showers if it moves west or a further drop off from Sunday if it pushes east along Carolina coastline. Either way it seems muggy conditions stick around with a steady flow out of the Gulf of Mexico and into our region well into next week.

Friday will start out much like Thursday with some valley fog and low levels clouds that eventually clear out to allow for a few hours of sun, followed by scattered showers and thunderstorms during the mid - late afternoon hours. Some of these storms could be heavy downpours, but this threat drops off as we head into the weekend as precipitable water values decline. Temps warm to the low 70's - mid 80's depending upon elevation, settling into the low - mid 60's overnight. Isolated showers are possible up till midnight.

Saturday and Sunday bring in a little more sunshine than Thursday or Friday and Sunday should be the better of the two days for those wanting to soak up the sun as the chance for high, thin clouds is much lower. Scattered showers are likely both afternoons, with a better chance for thunderstorms on Saturday compared to Sunday. Temps warm to the low 70's - mid 80's both days with overnight lows dipping into the low - mid 60's each night.

We mentioned our uncertainty for early next week but we have to forecast something and for now we're going with scattered afternoon showers Monday and Tuesday, with a chance for an overcast sky and temps in the low 80's across the valleys. Circle back on Saturday for a slightly better outlook but we wont know for certain till early Sunday (we can always do an update Sunday if needed).

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