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Isolated Storms Mon; Low 90's Tue & Wed

Good afternoon folks! Dry conditions will continue into Sunday, with a round of showers developing around midday Monday, followed by more sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday. Temps will climb a degree or two above normal starting Tuesday, hitting the low 90's across our deepest valleys, followed by a possible decline in temps late next week as showers possibly make a return.

Sunday brings us mostly sunny skies and temps will climb to the upper 60's - low 70's above 5500', while the valleys warm to the mid - upper 80's. Later in the evening scattered showers will develop but this should fizzle out by midnight with overnight lows settling into the upper 50's - mid 60's, alongside a noticeable uptick in moisture levels.

Monday will not be a washout and if you have plans to be outside we encourage you to keep them as a weak front is the only thing in the area to trigger showers, crossing the region around midday. Isolated thunderstorms will develop around noon and migrate east for the remainder of the afternoon, with temps similar to Sunday as highs reach the low 70's - mid 80's depending upon elevation. Overnight lows will settle into the mid - upper 50's above 5500', while the valleys cool off to the low 60's under mostly clear skies.

Tuesday and Wednesday feature sunshine and this is likely to hold as we near the middle of next week, however things become a bit murky starting Thursday. The high pressure system bringing us full sunshine and above normal temps Tuesday and Wednesday could stick around or an upper level low could stall across the region, providing us with clouds, showers and cooler temps. Either way plan for a muggy and hot Tuesday and Wednesday with temps in the low - mid 70's along the ridgelines, while the valleys bake as temps soar to the low 90's.

We'll stop here and circle back Monday with a better grasp on the setup for late next week and whether or not we continue to bake or cool off with region wide showers. Enjoy the sunshine!

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