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Typical Summer Storms Fri & Sat

Good afternoon folks! It early in the afternoon on Thursday and scattered showers and thunderstorms will once again develop across the region, which will pretty much be the norm moving forward as we continue to enjoy a normal summer time setup. Things are still on track for a sunny start on Friday and Saturday, followed by a round of scattered thunderstorms each afternoon. Sunday is still showing up on the models with more sun than clouds but we are not as confident moving into the early week time frame. Confidence is low due to a split in scenarios between a return to scattered showers or more of a dry (ish) setup with mostly sunny skies and isolated thunderstorms. Temps will continue to be warm, pushing to the upper 80's tomorrow through Sunday, holding steady to the mid - upper 80's as we head into next week.

Friday through Sunday should be a nice set of days to be outside, but we still advise that if you want full sunshine to get out before noon on Friday and Saturday, whereas Sunday mostly sunny skies will be overhead all day. Temps all three days will push into the upper 80's across the lower elevations and the best chance for showers will be Saturday afternoon, with coverage slightly less coverage on Friday and only isolated coverage on Sunday. Ridgelines temps will be comfortable for those looking to escape the heat with highs in the upper 60's - low 70's above 5500' and overnight lows will dip into the upper 50's - mid 60's each night across the region.

Monday and Tuesday of next week could go either way, with a continuation of mostly sunny skies or a return to scattered showers each afternoon. We'll wait till our next update on Saturday to let the models come to an agreement, but either way the weather will be tame for this time of year.

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