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A Gorgeous Setup Thursday into Saturday

Good afternoon folks! Soupy is one way to describe the excess moisture present across the region on Wednesday, but hang in there as dry and favorable conditions move in late Wednesday night. Sunshine will take over on Thursday and fair weather should dominate the forecast into the weekend, but it being summer in the mountains, we can never rule out an isolated shower or two each afternoon (more so Saturday and Sunday). Temps will be right around normal each day, cooling down a degree or two on Sunday and Monday as more clouds develop alongside increasing shower chances. If you have been waiting for a stretch of dry days to hit the woods and do some camping, then Thursday into Sunday is your window.

Foggy conditions start out the day on Thursday but sunshine will quickly take over and temps will only rise to the mid 60's along the ridgelines, while the valleys climb to the low 80's. A few clouds develop Thursday night but nothing to worry about as temps dip into the low - upper 50's depending upon elevation.

Friday and Saturday keep the fair weather training rolling along with continuing sunshine and temps holding to the mid 60's - low 80's depending upon elevation. An isolated shower is possible for the Southern Highlands Plateau (southern portions of Macon and Jackson counties) Friday and Saturday but don't let this keep you away from hitting the lake or river as sunshine should be plentiful both days. Overnight lows dip into the upper 40's - low 50's above 5500', but only manage to settle into the mid 50's across the valleys each night; mostly clear skies each night.

The models are having a tough time beginning Sunday, looking out to early next week, but the take home is that shower chances will increase, as to how much is the biggest question at this time; general scattered shower or region wide soaker? Temps will cool down a touch, warming only to the low - mid 60's above 5000', with mid - upper 70's throughout the lower elevations. We'll stop here and circle back on Friday with hopefully a much more detailed look for Sunday into early next week.

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