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Low 90's Sunday; Showers Tuesday

Good afternoon folks! Things have certainly changed since we last spoke on Thursday, with precip chances dropping like a rock for today (Saturday), alongside an increase in afternoon highs for both Saturday and Sunday. Early next week hasn't changed too much from our previous thinking as we still expect shower chances to steadily increase Monday into Wednesday and temps will cool down as cloud cover builds and showers break out across the region. Late next week features a passing front that should usher in a dry setup for late next week and weekend, with temps also returning to normal levels.

The front we expected to bring scattered showers to the region today is much weaker than expected and as such we will only experience an isolated shower or two, with much more sunshine than previously forecasted (high, thin clouds closer to sunset). Temps will make a run at the upper 80's across the valleys, while the ridgelines warm to the low - mid 70's. Fog develops tonight across the valleys and overnight lows will settle into the upper 50's - low 60's under mostly clear skies.

Sunshine and scorching temps wrap up the weekend on Sunday as afternoon highs push to the low 90's in our more densely populated locations like Franklin, Bryson City, Sylva, and possibly Waynesville! The ridgelines will always be a place to avoid the heat but even at 5500 - 6000' temps will warm to the mid 70's under mostly sunny skies. Overnight lows return to the upper 50's - low 60's under mostly clear skies.

Remnants of Cristobal will migrate nearby the region (to our west as it moves north) late Monday through Wednesday and we'll notice a significant increase in moisture levels, especially Tuesday and Wednesday. Isolated showers are possible Monday but more than likely we'll deal with a slow and steady increase in cloud cover and that cloud deck lowering/thickening as moisture increases across the area. Scattered light - moderate showers develop on Tuesday and region wide rain is a good bet for Wednesday with rainfall intensities increasing to moderate - heavy levels, but thunderstorms should hold off until Thursday. Temps on Monday warm to the low 70's - upper 80's depending upon elevation, cooling down to the upper 60's - low 80's both Tuesday and Wednesday.

We'll stop here and circle back on Monday, but plan for a hot end to the weekend, increasing clouds with muggy conditions on Monday, followed by region wide rainfall Tuesday into Wednesday.

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