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Gorgeous Sunday; Upper 80's Wednesday

Good afternoon folks! With Saturday already in the rear view mirror we'll turn our sights to the end of the weekend and into early next week, as this time frame will feature the best setup before we turn up the heat on Wednesday. Sunday and Monday will be downright gorgeous as sunny skies sit overhead, coupled with low dewpoints and below normal temps. By Tuesday we'll notice a shift from the NW to the SE as moisture slowly works its way back into the region, alongside increasing temps that should climb to above average levels. Temps peak on Wednesday and isolated showers return to the region, followed by a slight uptick in coverage as we enter late next week; temps will remain above average into next weekend.

If you need to cut, dry, and bale your fields Sunday is the day to start as low dewpoints in the 50's kickoff the drying process and we expect no shower activity till the middle of the week. Sunny skies will be overhead all day and temps will only push to the upper 50's along the ridgelines while the valleys warm to the mid 70's. Overnight into Monday will be a touch chilly as temps dip into the mid 40's above 4500', while the valleys cool down to the low 50's under clear skies.

Monday will be a repeat of Sunday with afternoon temps a degree or two warmer and by Tuesday temps will make a run at the upper 60's - low 80's depending upon elevation. We'll notice a shift from comfortable dewpoints to slightly muggy Monday into Tuesday and this will allow a few clouds to form Tuesday, but not enough to keep back a mostly sunny sky. Overnight lows hold to the low - upper 50's each night and foggy conditions are likely Tuesday morning for the valleys.

By Wednesday temps are expected to soar across the Southeast with valley temps reaching the upper 80's, especially in the more denser spots like Downtown Sylva and Downtown Waynesville. The ridgelines will continue to provide a respite from the heat with an afternoon high in the low - mid 70's. Sunshine will dominate the day but an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible, followed by scattered shower chances on Thursday and Friday as we return to the normal routine of afternoon pop up showers; temps only cool down to the mid 80's late next week.

We'll stop here and circle back on Monday. Be sure to get outside and soak up the sun before the muggy and uncomfortable conditions return Wednesday into the latter part of next week.

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