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Showers Tuesday; Cooler by Thursday

Good morning folks! We're closing out the weekend today on a very warm note with temps pushing into the low 80's this afternoon! Showers will sweep the region with a few rumbles of thunder this evening as a front crosses the area, followed by isolated showers throughout the day on Monday. This front will stall across the region Monday and Tuesday, with a second wave of showers moving through on Tuesday that will be stronger than the 1st round. Widespread showers are likely Tuesday afternoon into the evening hours and shower chances will linger into Wednesday, but coverage scales back to only isolated showers. Some sun will mix in on Wednesday as an upper level trough sets up shop to our north and cooler temps will begin to invade the area by Thursday, however sunny skies will make up for the cooler temps. A second front pushes across the area Friday, bringing with it another round of light showers and cooler temps will follow in its wake, setting up a chilly start to the weekend. All in all, a quiet week lies ahead with temps gradually dropping with each passing day, going from near 80°F on Monday to the low 60's by Saturday.

Temps will max out around 82 - 83°F across the valleys this afternoon under sunny skies, feeling more like early June than early May. Some clouds move in from the west as we near sunset and a front will almost cross the mountains this evening, stalling just to our south and east tonight. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will accompany the front, capping overnight lows to the low - mid 50's depending upon elevation.

We start off a new work week tomorrow with a mixed bag of sun and clouds, coupled with a few isolated showers but for the most part tomorrow should be dry. Temps will warm to the mid 60's - upper 70's, possibly hitting 80°F across the deeper valleys. Overnight lows settle into the low - mid 50's once again and shower coverage slowly increases as the night moves along, becoming scattered by sunrise.

Scattered showers start the day on Tuesday and coverage peaks around the early evening hours, scaling back after midnight. Temps will warm to the low 60's - mid 70's and a half inch of rain is likely for all of SW NC by the late evening hours. Overnight lows settle into the upper 40's - mid 50's depending upon elevation.

As an upper level trough develops north of the region on Wednesday we'll notice temps dropping a bit compared to Tuesday, only able to make it to the low 50's - upper 60's depending upon elevation. Isolated showers are likely but most of the action will be held to the TN line while the rest of SW NC enjoys a mixed bag of sun and clouds.

Thursday and Friday remain on the cooler side of normal with highs in the upper 40's - mid 60's each afternoon; sunny skies for Thursday and spotty showers move in later in the day on Friday. Next weekend maintain the downward trend in temps, with highs only making it to the mid 40's - low 60's depending upon elevation.

We'll stop here and circle back on Tuesday. Enjoy the warmer weather today and tomorrow!

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