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Heavy Rain Likely Sunday Night

Good evening folks! We have several rounds of rain moving through the region over the next 5 - 7 days, with rain sweeping the region tonight, again Sunday evening into Monday morning and finally Thursday afternoon into Friday. The Sunday night into Monday morning rain event looks to the be the heaviest of the three, but the late week event could match it if the models continue to trend wetter. Temps will remain below normal Saturday through Monday, ticking back up to normal levels by Wednesday and dipping below normal for the late week rain event. All told, we could be looking at a healthy dose of rain over the next 5 - 7 days, upwards of 3 or 4" along the escarpment.

Showers will sweep the region late Friday night and exit quickly Saturday morning, but not before dropping a half inch of rain across the region. Sunshine returns before midday and temps will hold to the upper 40's - mid 60's as NW flow sets up after the front exits the area, with NW winds around 10 - 15mph; lingering moisture will make it feel a touch colder than Friday. Temps bottom out to the low - upper 30's Saturday night with NW winds relaxing to a light breeze under mostly clear skies.

We start Sunday with sunny skies but end the day with showers as a warm front lifts north into the region. Temps will be a degree or two warmer than Saturday as they push into the low 50's - mid 60's depending upon elevation. Shower coverage peaks during the late evening - pre dawn hours and begins to wind down during the early - mid morning hours on Monday. We'll pick up anywhere from 1 - 2" and strong thunderstorms are possible, with the highest rain amounts occurring along the escarpment. Sunshine returns late in the day and temps will once again be held to the low 50's - mid 60's, with overnight lows in the low - upper 30's under clear skies.

Sunny skies will sit overhead Tuesday, Wednesday, and during the morning hours on Thursday. Temps will respond as they push into the low 50's - upper 60's Tuesday and mid 50's - low 70's on Wednesday. The third round of rain could be another 1 - 2" event as a low pressure system rides atop the region, but we are too far out in time to be certain, all we know is another widespread rain event is likely.

We'll stop here and circle back Sunday late morning.

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