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Dry Thursday; Showers Return Late Friday

Good afternoon folks! Although things feel upside down the weather continues along and we still expect a cold front to pass through the region Friday night, followed by a short break in the action Saturday night into Sunday morning. This short breaks come to an end Sunday afternoon as showers return to the area, ramping up Sunday night and continuing into Monday morning. The models differ past Monday with one scenario a fizzling out of any disturbances that would keep shower chances alive, while the other keep shower activity alive and well into Wednesday, which is when both camps expect another region wide rainfall event. Temps through this time peak Thursday and Friday, cooling back down to near normal levels Saturday and then drop off a degree or two Sunday and Monday as cloudy skies and light rain pepper the region.

Thursday is where we'll start the discussion and it'll be a nice day considering we are dealing with another short lived window between rounds of rain. Passing high clouds and periods of sunshine will bring temps to the upper 50's along the ridgelines, while the valleys warm to the low 70's! Moisture returns Thursday night and clouds fill in, helping to cap temps to the low - mid 50's which is very warm for mid - late March.

Isolated showers fill in Friday morning and by the mid - late afternoon hours coverage will expand to scattered, with widespread rainfall occurring as we enter the evening hours. This is generally when we expect the front to cross the region, although it will likely slow down substantially as it enters WNC, possibly taking till the late morning hours to clear the region. It is because the frontal passage is delayed till the evening hours that temps will be able to make another run at the upper 50's - low 70's Friday afternoon. Temps bottom out to the mid 40's - low 50's Friday night and accounting for the rain during the day and throughout the night, rainfall totals will exceed a half inch for most of SW NC.

Showers take most of the morning hours on Saturday to wind down and temps will be noticeably cooler as they only reach the upper 40's - mid 60's. Passing high clouds with a few short lived periods of sunshine will provide a window of time to get outside, perhaps even go on a hike to break up the cabin fever.

Sunday into Monday will bring back showers to the region, the light drizzly type that seems to lock time in place and perpetuate boredom. With that being said, Sunday morning will be another window of time to get outside as we don't expect shower activity to break out till the mid - late afternoon hours. Cloudy skies will be overhead both days and temps will cool down a degree or two to the mid 40's - upper 50's. Showers wind down Monday afternoon, adding another quarter - half inch of rain across the region Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.

We'll circle back Saturday morning with a more detailed timeline for Monday into Wednesday.

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