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Rain Chances Linger into Next Week

Good afternoon folks! The weekend will not be the best setup for those wanting to spend time outdoors, with the best period for yard work or a hike occurring Saturday morning, while the worst time seems to be Sunday morning. Shower activity returns Saturday but it will take till the late afternoon hours for coverage to pick up and it seems we'll be in for a rainy Saturday night that will extend into Sunday morning. Coverage once again takes a step back late Sunday night and as of now the start of the work week will be dry, with passing clouds making up all of the action on Monday. A high pressure system will eventually scoot east sometime Monday and we'll experience another round of rain Tuesday as several disturbances move through in the high pressure's wake. Shortly thereafter a warm front will move into the region (either Wednesday or Thursday) and keep shower activity alive but also bump temps up to above normal levels.

Saturday will be noticeably cooler, but only because we have been enjoying spring like temps this past week. Temps will climb to the upper 40's - upper 50's depending upon elevation and we'll start the day with passing clouds, ending the day with scattered showers across the region; nothing more than a tenth - quarter inch of rain before midnight. Temps level off to the mid - upper 40's Saturday night as widespread showers move in closer to sunrise.

Sunday will be the wettest of the two days but the bulk of the action looks to occur before the early afternoon hours, with a quarter - half inch possible by the time coverage winds down during the mid - late evening hours. Temps warm slightly, pushing into the upper 40's - low 60's depending upon elevation, with overnight lows settling into the upper 30's - mid 40's.

As the high pressure system moves into and eventually out of the Northeast Monday, we'll enjoy a dry day across most of the region but there still is a slight chance for a shower or two along the escarpment. Temps will warm to the mid 40's along the ridgelines, while the valleys reach the mid - upper 50's. Showers return late Monday night, lows in the low - mid 40's.

Rain settles in late Tuesday afternoon and because a warm front eventually pushes into the region on Wednesday or Thursday, we'll deal with spotty shower coverage all the way into Thursday. The one silver lining will be temps as they reach the upper 40's - low 60's Tuesday and continue climbing to the mid 50's - upper 60's by Thursday!

We'll stop here and circle back Sunday late afternoon. Enjoy the somewhat quiet weekend!

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