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Sunny, Warm, and Boring

Good afternoon folks! Hurricane Dorian continues to impact the eastern coastline, with no impact for our part of the state, except for an uptick in NW winds Friday. We'll continue to deal with or enjoy (depends on your perspective) mostly sunny skies Friday through Sunday and then a noticeable uptick in moisture levels arrives early next week, allowing for isolated thunderstorms to pop up each afternoon. For those hoping for cooler weather, you'll have to wait a bit longer as warmer than average temps hold strong all the way into late next week. Temps will not be outrageously hot as they sit roughly 3 - 5 degrees above normal, but with it being September we were hoping for a day or two with highs in the 70's, but instead we'll deal with temps pushing into the upper 80's by early next week; normal afternoon highs for early September are in the low 80's across the lower elevations.

Sunshine reigns supreme Friday through Sunday and temps will push into the mid - upper 80's each afternoon, with overnight lows providing some relief as they settle into the mid - upper 50's across the valleys. Granted, if you really needed to escape the heat you could always head to the ridgelines or take a drive on the Parkway where temps will only reach the low 70's each afternoon.

Monday into Wednesday of next week brings back isolated pop up showers each afternoon, alongside some clouds that could provide relief as temps maintain their above average hold to the mid - upper 80's for the valleys. There will be more sun than clouds each afternoon, but hopefully a shower or two develops closer to sunset to begin the cooling down process an hour or two sooner than normal.

With the weather fairly quiet and boring this weekend, we'll wait till Monday to come out with our next discussion. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, fall will be here before you know it!

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