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A Sunny Labor Day Weekend

Good afternoon folks! We sure are enjoying these cooler mornings but more so the drier air and even with temps pushing into the low - mid 80's each afternoon, it doesn't feel as hot with the lower dewpoints. We'll continue to enjoy gorgeous, albeit warm weather through at least Wednesday and past that point in time the level of uncertainty increases a good bit. Hurricane Dorian (currently a Cat 3 as of 2:30p Friday) is churning toward the FL coast and where it goes from there looks to be along the eastern seaboard, which if this does occur will continue to provide our region with dry weather. Since our focus is SW NC and not the tropics, we'll stop there and wait till Monday to discuss potential impacts but for now it seems like fair weather may stretch well into late next week. For those wanting to follow Dorian, we recommend the National Hurricane Center or perhaps Brad Panovich out of the Charlotte area.

For those of you who are tailgating tomorrow for the Western game there will be no excuses to use relating to the weather as sunshine sits overhead all day, with a cloud or two developing closer to sunset. Temps will push into the low - mid 80's but shaded areas will enjoy temps in the mid - upper 70's as dewpoints remain in the upper 50's; low 70's is the threshold to where you can use the phrase, "it's so muggy you can cut the air with a knife". Overnight into Sunday temps cool down to the mid - upper 50's across the region under clear skies.

Sunday through Tuesday will feature much of the same weather, mostly sunny skies, temps rising to the mid 60's along the ridgelines, warming to the low - mid 80's across the valleys. Overnight lows will settle into the mid 50's for the higher elevations, while the valleys enjoy temps in the low 60's, all under mostly clear skies.

Our next discussion will come out late Monday and we'll focus on the impacts Hurricane Dorian may or may not have on our region, with a peak into next weekend. Till then, enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe if you are traveling.

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