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Rain Chances Increase; Temps Decrease

Good afternoon folks! This muggy setup is not ideal but there is light at the end of the tunnel, with a cool down expected beginning this weekend, lasting till the middle of next week. Granted, normal temps for this time of the year is much better off than our neighbors in the Piedmont and we'll certainly be ok with temps in the low - mid 80's, but we can't wait for temps hitting the mid - upper 70's this weekend! Don't get too excited just yet as we trade sunshine for showers starting Thursday, peaking this weekend with a slight decrease in shower coverage and intensities beginning Tuesday of next week. For those with outdoor plans this weekend, be sure to have a backup plan or perhaps dress accordingly as we expect 1 - 2" of rain over the next three to four days; not a washout, but not dry either.

Thursday features temps hitting the low 70's along the ridgelines, peaking to the low 80's throughout the valleys but it will feel hotter as muggy conditions continue. It looks like scattered thunderstorms are a good bet past midday with nothing severe expected, however heavy downpours are likely with most of the storms moving at a decent speed to the southeast. Temps settle back into the upper 50's - mid 60's with isolated showers continuing throughout the night.

Friday and Saturday are likely to be our wettest days due to a front arriving during the day Friday, taking till late Saturday to slide south of the region. This translates into numerous thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening, with a slight reduction in intensities on Saturday, although coverage should be about the same. Cloudy skies and on and off shower activity will cap temps to the upper 70's (possibly hitting 80°F) on Friday, while Saturday peaks to the mid - upper 70's (upper 60's along the ridgelines).

Sunday and Monday will be our coolest days and shower activity will continue with scattered coverage each afternoon, holding temps to the mid 70's across the valleys; ridgelines only hit the low - mid 60's depending upon elevation.

We'll stop here and wait till our next forecast discussion comes out Friday to focus on early - late next week, but overall things level out and temps return to normal for the most part.

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