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Showers Wednesday; Sunny Saturday & Sunday

Good afternoon folks! An upper level disturbance will swing through Wednesday early afternoon, creating enough instability to develop scattered showers and thunderstorms, with shower activity fizzling out later that evening. Drier air moves in temporarily on Thursday to allow for sunny skies, while moisture slowly works its way back into the area Friday, but only enough to fire off a few thunderstorms along the ridgelines. The weekend for the most part will be mostly sunny, however it is still August and an isolated thunderstorm or two is not out of the question. Temps all the while will be average for this time of the year, with the lower elevations sitting in the mid 80's, while the ridgelines peak to the low 70's.

Wednesday should be our wettest day of the week and likely our most active day till Tuesday of next week, as the upper level trough swings overhead, bringing with it a disturbance that will initiate scattered showers and thunderstorms. Not much in the way of rainfall totals, perhaps a half inch at most and some spots will not pick up any, however this is our best chance for rain till early next week; for those who need to cut/dry hay, Thursday is a great day to start. Temps will be able to climb to the upper 60's - mid 80's depending upon elevation, falling back to the mid 50's - low 60's Wednesday night under clearing skies.

Thursday through Sunday looks pleasant considering we'll be dealing with pure sunshine Thursday, partly cloudy skies late Friday and mostly sunny skies this weekend. An isolated thunderstorm is possible Friday through Sunday, with Friday showing the best setup but even this is nothing to worry about as our money is on the ridgelines and these storms will be short lived at best. Temps push into the low 70's - mid 80's each afternoon, although Thursday may experience temps in the upper 80's for the more developed areas such as Bryson City, Franklin and Sylva.

We'll post another discussion Saturday and our focus will be on the possible breakout of showers and thunderstorms Tuesday, some of which may be severe if the models are to be believed.

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