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Showers return Late Saturday Night

Good morning folks! I apologize for skipping our discussion yesterday and hopefully it did impact your afternoon too much. Looking ahead we expect sunshine to continue into Thursday and Friday, with some high levels clouds arriving Saturday and showers pushing through late Saturday night. Showers should push out of the region before midday Sunday and the models hint at a possible and I repeat, possible chance for snow in the higher elevations Monday night into Tuesday. This is too far out to mention any details and more so since it'll be April, these chances could evaporate just as quickly as they show up on the models. We will keep on eye on this and discuss more details sometime Saturday morning if needed.

Sunshine today pushes temps into the low - mid 60's across the valleys, dipping to the upper 20's - mid 30's tonight under clear skies. Sunshine carries over into Thursday and Friday and with southwesterly flow dominating the overall pattern temps will continue their climb into the low 50's along the ridgelines and upper 60's across the valleys. Overnight lows Thursday night dip into the mid 30's - low 40's depending upon elevation under clear skies, while they only settle into the low - upper 40's Friday night as high clouds begin to develop overhead.

There will be a bit more sunshine overhead Saturday morning, however as the day moves along a cold front off to our west coupled with an increasing southwesterly flow will enable cirrus clouds to develop, eventually becoming low level closer to sunset. Showers are expected to break out shortly after midnight and peak in coverage around sunrise on Sunday, pushing east by mid morning with most of the rain off to the east by midday. Temps will maintain their slightly above average warmth on Saturday, hitting the mid 50's along the ridgelines and upper 60's (possibly low 70's) across the valleys, but then cool down on Sunday to the mid 40's - mid 50's.

We'll put a stop to the discussion at this point as early next week is still very much in the air and model confidence remains low. Our next discussion will come out Saturday morning. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

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