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Region Wide Snow Tuesday

Good Afternoon Folks! We are wrapping up the weekend under high clouds and somewhat pleasant temps considering the date and tomorrow looks even better. We highly encourage everyone to get outside tomorrow to enjoy the warmer weather as the hammer drops Tuesday, with sub freezing temps beginning Monday evening, lasting till Friday or Saturday for the higher elevations (Thursday for the valleys). An arctic front swings through early Tuesday and snow falls just before and also behind the departing front, with accumulations at this time ranging from 1 - 6" depending upon elevation; the higher up you go, the more snow you will find. Temps will be down right frigid Wednesday and Thursday, moderating somewhat later in the week and the models hint at another system next weekend but we are too far out in time to discuss details.

Temps Monday push into the mid 30's - upper 40's depending upon elevation and we wouldn't be surprised to see a few stations past the 50°F mark, as sunny skies sit overhead the entire day. Temps Monday night settle into the upper 20's - mid 30's and light snow or rain will break out sometime after midnight, first for those closer to the TN line as this frontal passage sweeps east.

Tuesday will be a mess and not because of snowfall totals but more so because of the rapid decline in temps as the day moves along and the fact that the snow will linger well into Thursday or Friday, perhaps longer for those who live in shaded areas. We encourage everyone to consider their travel plans as many of us may be heading home early once the snow begins to collect on the roads. This event will not be a blockbuster by any means as totals range from an inch or two along the valley floor upwards of 4 - 6" for the ridgelines closer to the TN line, but the impacts to travel will be much greater. The biggest surprise for folks will be the heavy snow rates around 0.5 - 2" per hour, causing accumulations to pile up quickly and turning clear roads into dicey spots under an hour. The other curveball will be temps, starting the day in the upper 20's - mid 30's, rising a degree or two before 10am and then crashing the rest of the day, with temps bottoming out to the low single digits - low teens by sunrise Wednesday. Snow showers ends by the evening hours, perhaps even sooner depending upon the speed of the front and clear skies take over around midnight, setting up a sunny and frigid day on Wednesday.

Sunshine hangs around through Friday, however below normal temps compliments of Canada will make for a somewhat miserable two days. Temps Wednesday only hit the mid teens - low 30's, bottom out to the upper single digits - mid teens Wednesday night and rebound to the mid 20's - mid 30's Thursday.

The models hint at another system pushing in Friday or Saturday but it being this far out we'll only discuss temps as they warm to the upper 20's - low 40's Friday, inching higher by a degree or two on Saturday.

Our next discussion will come out Monday morning and perhaps we'll issue a SNOWCAST Map by the early afternoon hours. Till then, enjoy today and tomorrow before the deep cold arrives!

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