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Rain Winds Down Friday; Sunny Sunday

Good Morning Folks! Over the past 24 hours ending Thursday 8am, most of the region has picked up a quarter - half inch of rain, however locations near the TN/GA corner surpassed an inch and several are closing in on 1.5". The orientation of the front and flow of moisture (southwesterly) are setting up another day of widespread showers, with periods of heavy rain. The front will gradually slide east, but it may take till Friday afternoon to exit our region as the high pressure system moving down from Canada is not in a hurry. It seems the Mountain Heritage Day Festival this Saturday at Western will be spared from widespread showers, with the only threat being an isolated shower or two moving off the TN line. Sunshine sets up Sunday and holds steady through the middle of next week, with moisture levels gradually winding down to comfortable levels, although temps remain above normal for the time being. It seems the highly anticipated cooler weather will be delayed till the October 4th - 6th time frame, with below normal temps sometime around the 10th.

As mentioned above all of SW NC will pick up rain today and rainfall totals will average out to 0.75" for most of the region, with several sites closer to the TN/GA corner picking up 1 - 2". Heavy rainfall is possible as strong to severe thunderstorms develop later in the day, however this threat looks to occur closer to the Hendersonville area moving northeast. Temps will only rise to the mid 60's - mid 70's depending upon elevation and settle back into the low - mid 60's tonight with showers continuing into Friday morning.

Friday keeps shower activity alive during the early morning hours and then a lull occurs, with only isolated showers developing late in the day. Temps rise a degree or two above today, perhaps hitting the upper 70's in our deeper valleys and it seems we will finally experience temps in the low - upper 50's as clouds clear out Friday night.

Saturday is the Mountain Heritage Day Festival and temps will push into the upper 70's across the valleys and peak to the low 60's along the ridgelines, with high clouds streaming overhead alongside periods of sunshine. Isolated showers are possible for the entire region but the best bet for shower activity will be along the TN line.

Sunday through Wednesday of next week features a dry spell with sunshine sitting overhead all four days and temps cool down somewhat, but still remain above normal, climbing to the mid - upper 70's each afternoon and then dipping into the mid - upper 50's each night (low 60's for highs along the ridgelines, lows in the low 50's).

We'll circle back Saturday morning to discuss the upcoming dry period and the drop in humidity levels, providing us with a taste of fall but with temps still above normal it won't have that real fall feel to the air but hang in there, cooler temps are on the way! ENJOY!

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