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Temps Climb; Typical Pop Up T Storms

Good Morning Folks! We'll deal with another round of thunderstorms this afternoon, with typical pop up showers and thunderstorms Thursday, however shower coverage is likely to extend into Thursday night. Friday through the weekend will be the hottest set of days for our region and although the heat and humidity slowly creep up, thunderstorm coverage only rises from isolated on Thursday to scattered by Saturday and Sunday. Early next week delivers a passing front that should allow showers and clouds to become widespread, however temps remain above normal for the time being, but then again, this is late June.

Temps rise to the upper 80's once again today for the valley, while the ridgelines only hit the mid 60's, so relief can be found if you are able to drive and hike for a while to find the cooler temps. Sunshine begins the day but clouds slowly build as thunderstorms begin to develop, sometime around the early - mid afternoon hours. Temps settle into the low 60's once again for the lower elevations, with heavy fog possible for areas that pick up heavy rain today.

Thursday experiences a degree or two rise over Wednesday, with a slight reduction in shower coverage but the intensities should be lessened compared to Monday through Wednesday.

By Friday temps will rise to the upper 80's - low 90's for each valley, while the ridgelines creep into the upper 60's - low 70's. Sunshine and late afternoon pop up showers make up the action for the end of the work week and it seems the shower activity may be confided to the ridgelines, as showers tap into terrain to develop and not an overall in-stable environment.

The weekend ahead will be hot, at times muggy and feature late day pop up showers, so if you have plans to hike, camp or get out on the water, be sure to pencil in some time before midday so you can at least enjoy some sunshine. Temps rise to the low 90's for the valleys and dip into the mid - upper 60's each night.

Early next week will bring us a passing front, one that could prompt widespread showers and cloud cover, however southerly flow preceding the front will keep temps to the mid - upper 80's, which is not too far from normal.

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