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Southwest NC

We're more than a bit biased but we believe that SW NC has so much going on that it deserves an entire page covering our extreme weather and unique geography. Because the weather and land combined do not make a community, we also highlight our local culture, artists, and organizations that work to promote and protect our natural surroundings. 

Areas of Interest 
  • Southern Highlands Plateau
  • Major and Sub Mountain Ranges
  • Weather Extremes & Records 
  • Seasonal Weather Phenomenon
  • Local Environmental Orgs
  • Featured Artists and Work 

Last updated 2/4/2021

This page is under construction and will be updated periodically over the next two months; mid April 2021 completion date. As we create content we will publish it and instead of launching a brand new page, we are doing it this way to encourage folks to make suggestions along the way. This page is ultimately a resource for those who live, work, and play in SW NC so make it your own by letting us know what you you'd like to see!


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