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2023 Fundraising Campaign

After the community contributed $2,140 in the Spring of 2022, we purchased a remote weather station and installed it at 5053' within Pinnacle Park in Sylva. We have $577.26 remaining and this will be applied to this year's fundraising campaign, however we have not determined the next location. Please cast your vote below. 

Location Survey
Choose your preferred location
Are you willing to donate toward this weather station?

Thanks for casting your vote! Remember to subscribe for future updates! 

Once a location is chosen we will work with the site partner to determine if a remote cellular connection is required or if we can use internet from a nearby home/business; significantly cheaper option. 


As always data will be accessible via the Local Yokel Weather and site partner website or upon request (live page or archived data). It's our hope this station will be used by those who recreate outdoors, including those who monitor and conduct environmental research. ​

  • Access to data is free and available upon request.

  • LYW will maintain the weather station annually (life expectancy ranges from 8 - 12 yrs).

  • LYW will pay the $50/yr cellular subscription costs to maintain live data stream to websites.

The above poll will end May 31st. Stay up to date with the latest news by subscribing to our email newsletter

Below is an image of the weather station we use for remote locations. 

KestrelMet 6000
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