Slight Improvement for the Weekend

Good afternoon folks! We'll experience a round of showers and thunderstorms this evening and another round is possible overnight into Wednesday. With the front hanging just to our north our region will continue to experience high moisture levels on Wednesday, with another day of increased cloud cover alongside scattered showers past midday that are likely to linger well into the evening hours. Thursday and Friday feature not much movement in the upper levels and this will translate into a classic pop up thunderstorm kind of day. Coverage should hold to scattered but heavy downpours with very little movement are likely, meaning some spots will get drenched while the rest of us enjoy a mixed b

Muggy and Wet this Week

Good evening folks! The work week will be muggy and wet but temps will hold to normal levels and taking a look into the holiday weekend, we'll continue to deal with above normal rain chances, with a growing chance for a heavy rain event (still up in the air). Northwest flow into the region will funnel many rounds of rain and thunderstorms into the area as we move through the week and moisture levels will be high due to a front that will stall just to our north. Daily rainfall amounts will vary but 0.25 - 0.50" of rain is likely each day and totals Monday through Friday should be in the 2" range for all of SW NC. Scattered showers and thunderstorms kickoff the work week before the sun even ri

Shower Chances Increase by Sunday

Good afternoon folks! We're rounding out the afternoon on Thursday as I type this discussion, so our focus will be from Friday morning into Tuesday evening. We'll enjoy another day with more sun than clouds on Friday as temps push to normal levels, with only a slight chance for an isolated pop up shower. Saturday is likely to lose the battle with Friday on which day has more sunshine as we expect high, patchy clouds to move in around midday, followed by a handful of showers and thunderstorms as we near sunset; still a fairly dry day. The trend of increasing shower chances with each passing day grows as we move into Sunday, with most of SW NC in play for shower activity, followed by region wi

A Sunny and Warm End to the Week

Good afternoon folks! It's mid afternoon on Tuesday and the bulk of the rain has moved off to the east, but we'll continue to deal with passing showers and thunderstorms into the evening hours. Wednesday offers up scattered pop up showers and thunderstorms, while Thursday scales back to isolated coverage and introduces some more sunshine, however passing clouds remain. This is a change from our previous discussion but Thursday still remains a good day to be out on the water, while Friday and Saturday make a run for the title of sunniest day of the week. Sunshine, isolated thunderstorms and warmer temps make up the forecast for Friday and Saturday, with a possible uptick in shower coverage Su

Showers Monday through Wednesday

Good afternoon folks! We're in for a round of scattered thunderstorms today (Sunday), with a slight uptick in coverage on Monday, followed by region wide showers Tuesday as a front approaches the area, crossing Wednesday morning. The front is likely to stall nearby for a short spell Wednesday, setting up another round of scattered thunderstorms during the afternoon and it will scoot off to the east Thursday due to an upper level trough swinging into the area. This will translate to abundant sunshine and slightly lower dewpoints, but this will be short lived as we slowly return to the summertime norm of isolated to scattered afternoon showers Friday and Saturday. Temps will hold to normal lev

Summer Conditions Return Saturday

Good afternoon folks! We're closing the books on Thursday as I type this discussion, so we'll focus our attention on Friday through Tuesday of next week. The upper level low is to our north and will slowly migrate north and east on Friday, taking till Sunday to be fully absorbed into the overall flow. An upper level trough will migrate toward the area as the weekend progresses, culminating in a frontal passage early Wednesday morning, but we'll deal with region-wide rainfall beforehand on Tuesday. Temps will continue to climb with each passing day, reaching the upper 70's Friday, low - mid 80's this weekend and possibly the upper 80's by Monday; mid 80's Tuesday and Wednesday. Scattered show

Upper 30's in June; Warmer by Thursday

Good morning folks! The cooler weather is upon us and we'll continue to experience well below normal temps through Wednesday, gradually trending upwards as we head into the weekend where the mid 80's wait for us. Today (Tuesday) and Wednesday will keep temps in the 60's for the vast majority of SW NC, but there will be a handful of lower elevation locations that climb into the low 70's. On the flip side, if you live above 4500 - 5000' then you'll be lucky to climb past the low 50's, while the ridgelines are stuck in the low - mid 40's! Mt Mitchell dipped down to 39°F early this morning and bottomed out to a wind chill in the upper 20's, with a midday temperature (on Tuesday) of 42°F. The upp

Below Normal Temps Mon - Wed

Good morning folks! The weather will noticeably change starting today (Sunday) as below normal temps and increasing shower chances take over the pattern through Wednesday. Temps will be cooler than previously discussed for the Sunday through Wednesday time frame, only peaking to levels found in early - mid May, not mid June. This is all due to an upper level low that will arrive later today and essentially wobble across Western Carolina and Eastern Tennessee into the middle of the week, eventually becoming an open wave and scooting east Thursday or Friday. After clouds and a few showers pass through the region this morning we'll find sunshine taking over, hanging around through the early aft

Sunny Saturday; Showers Return Sunday

Good afternoon folks! Conditions are about as perfect as can be for the middle of June, with sunny skies overhead, normal temps, and lower than normal dewpoints. Saturday will keep things going but we'll shift to a new setup beginning Sunday, as an upper level low slowly migrates toward the region, in tandem with high pressure off to the northeast developing a wedge for early next week. As with most wedge setups the Great Balsams and Southern Highlands Plateau will block most of the action, however the upper level low will still provide enough moisture and instability for afternoon showers Sunday through Wednesday. The one silver lining as we return to a slightly wetter pattern is that temps

A Gorgeous Setup Thursday into Saturday

Good afternoon folks! Soupy is one way to describe the excess moisture present across the region on Wednesday, but hang in there as dry and favorable conditions move in late Wednesday night. Sunshine will take over on Thursday and fair weather should dominate the forecast into the weekend, but it being summer in the mountains, we can never rule out an isolated shower or two each afternoon (more so Saturday and Sunday). Temps will be right around normal each day, cooling down a degree or two on Sunday and Monday as more clouds develop alongside increasing shower chances. If you have been waiting for a stretch of dry days to hit the woods and do some camping, then Thursday into Sunday is your

Soupy Wednesday; Sunshine Thursday

Good afternoon folks! Cristobal is now a tropical depression, marching north across Louisiana and Arkansas and it's only connection to SW NC will be a steady increase in shower activity Monday afternoon through Wednesday. The escarpment along the SC state line will experience most of the shower activity Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning, then we shift to a setup where scattered showers and thunderstorms pop up in southwesterly flow Tuesday afternoon, extending into Wednesday morning. A front will cross the region Wednesday and tap into the excessive moisture levels from the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms shortly after midday, winding dow

Low 90's Sunday; Showers Tuesday

Good afternoon folks! Things have certainly changed since we last spoke on Thursday, with precip chances dropping like a rock for today (Saturday), alongside an increase in afternoon highs for both Saturday and Sunday. Early next week hasn't changed too much from our previous thinking as we still expect shower chances to steadily increase Monday into Wednesday and temps will cool down as cloud cover builds and showers break out across the region. Late next week features a passing front that should usher in a dry setup for late next week and weekend, with temps also returning to normal levels. The front we expected to bring scattered showers to the region today is much weaker than expected an

Scattered Storms Friday and Saturday

Good afternoon folks! Showers are passing overhead as we type this discussion late in the day on Thursday and we'll find a similar setup play out on Friday, with a slight uptick in thunderstorm coverage compared to Thursday. An upper level trough slides across the area Friday, sparking scattered showers and thunderstorms after midday, followed by a frontal passage Saturday afternoon that will also trigger a round of scattered thunderstorms. The trough moves out early this weekend and an upper level ridge sets up shop by Sunday, as the front stalls just to our south and moisture levels slowly increase. This will translate into high clouds Sunday and Monday alongside isolated shower chances as

Sunny Tuesday; Showers return Thursday

Good morning folks! We're focusing the forecast discussion from Tuesday into Saturday and we'll continue to enjoy sunny and warmer temps today and Wednesday, however an isolated thunderstorm or two is likely Wednesday afternoon. Excessive moisture levels push into the area early Thursday, setting the stage for an afternoon of thunderstorms and passing showers. Friday and Saturday keep rain chances alive with scattered pop up showers throughout the day on Friday, followed by a round of thunderstorms early Saturday afternoon. Temps will peak on Wednesday and level out Thursday into the weekend with temps running 3 - 5 degrees above average. If you've been wishing for sunny, warm, summer days t

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