Pinnacle Peak Weather Station

The weather station has been purchased and is en route! We chose to go with the KestrelMet 6000 Cellular weather station over the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 weather station. See our reasoning here. We set a tentative install data of 4/30/22, weather pending. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can have live data streaming to the website later that evening. 

We have a remaining balance of $577.26 after receiving $2,073.12 (net) from the station campaign. If this install and data reporting meets expectations we will reach back out to the original donors to vote on whether we should conduct a second campaign to raise $918.60 to fund a second station, this one located at the trailhead OR pursue a different trail system (Panthertown or the Tuckasegee Greenway come to mind). 

Regardless of how we choose to spend the remaining funds, it is obvious there is support in the community to install weather stations in remote locations to benefit those who recreate outdoors. Exciting times!