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Pinnacle Peak Weather Station Update

As we close out 2022 I am happy to pass along an update regarding the Pinnacle Peak weather station. The Town of Sylva has agreed to assist with the install and we are aiming for late January to install the station at roughly 5,000' elevation, inside Pinnacle Park. 

The Pinnacle Park Foundation and The Town of Sylva suggested (and I agree) to install the station away from Pinnacle Peak, to reduce possible vandalism or interference with the data. We will be installing the station at the same elevation as Pinnacle Peak, but elsewhere in the park. 

After the station is up and running I will send out a link to share the data, but also inquire about next steps. 

$577.26 remains in the fundraising bucket to be applied to another weather station, but where? 


We'll need an additional $925 to install a second remote weather station or perhaps less if we find a trailhead that has access to wifi or nearby home/business. 

Regardless of how we choose to spend the remaining funds, it is obvious there is support in the community to install weather stations in remote locations to benefit those who recreate outdoors. Exciting times!

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