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Pinnacle Peak Weather Station is Online!!!

Happy to report that the Pinnacle Peak weather station is officially up and running! I'd like to thank Jake and Zach from the Town of Sylva Public Works Dept. for helping me haul and install the station.

The Pinnacle Park Foundation and The Town of Sylva approved of the installation after the community raised $2,140 toward the project in the spring of 2022. The station cost $1,562 and LYW will maintain the equipment and pay for the annual cellular data plan to keep the data online and accessible to the public. 


This station will be the first weather station to be installed inside of Pinnacle Park and closest to Blackrock. Coupled with our Mt Lyn Lowry weather station, these two stations make up the only weather data along the Plott Balsams. We have a desire to increase this coverage over time, but for those who hike up/down the Blackrock trail from Waterrock Knob down to Pinnacle Park, this data will come in handy. In addition, WCU researchers, the Town of Sylva, and those camping across Pinnacle Park will benefit. 

What's next? $577.26 remains in the fundraising bucket to be applied toward another weather station, but where is the question. Head on over to the Fundraising page to cast your vote or provide an alternative location. 


We will need an additional $925 to install a second remote weather station or perhaps less if we find a trailhead that has access to wifi or nearby home/business. 

Regardless of how the community chooses to spend the remaining funds, it is obvious there is support in the community to install weather stations in remote locations to benefit those who recreate outdoors. Exciting times!

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