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Color Season in Full Swing

Summer is over and fall weather has arrived, albeit in bits and pieces, as we deal with slightly above normal temps to round out September. We'll continue to deal with a prolonged dry spell for most of SW NC, which is somewhat normal for October (typically the driest month), but after a dry September we are likely to enter drought territory. 

My focus will be 100% on Parkway Colors through the end of October, however I do plan on repairing the Pinnacle Peak weather station during that time. I hope you join me on my color chases, showing you where the best and brighest color can be found along the Parkway from Asheville to Cherokee. I am using new equipment this season, introducing Interactive 360° Overlook views and short videos highlighting the best color; the color report and picture gallery remain from last year. I also have partnered with Explore Fall, a groundbreaking new service that provides high resolution foliage forecast for you to better plan for your trip 10 days out. We provide Explore Fall ground truth updates to fine tune their forecast and are excited to see them take off over the next several years. Have a great color season!

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